Monday, February 7, 2011

Delaware County Republican Central Committee Minutes February 7

Delaware County Republican Central Committee Minutes
February 7, 2011, at Days Inn, Manchester, IA
  1. Call to order Terry Griffith, at 7:00 p.m. at the Days Inn in the Burrington Room, Manchester, Iowa. The Pledge of Allegiance was lead by Terry Griffith.
    There were 15 members present: Cliff Bunting, Marcel Kielkucki, Charles Ankrom, Dave Christensen, Kevin Glanz, Brad Kimmerle, Bruce Nieman, Doran Zumbach, Deb Peyton, Carla Becker, Jeffery Madlom, Doug Robbins, Don Piegor , Terry Griffith and Michele DeBlieck.
  2. There were no secretary minutes.
  3. There was no official treasurer’s report. Deb Peyton reported the balance on hand as $6229.01. Discussion followed on the gun raffle, Century club and the summer dinner.
  4. Announcements:
    1. Cliff Bunting announced that 1 year from tonight’s meeting is caucus night for 2012 elections.
    2. Jim and Connie Clifton of Earlville are celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary at the Fair Grounds.
    3. Executive Committee meets as necessary
    4. Future meetings will be held on the second Monday of the Month, to try to avoid conflicts members are having
    5. The Cedar Rapids Gazette has been reporting proposed legislation in the Sunday edition—in the Jan 30 and Feb 6 there were up to 100 proposals
  5. Legislative Report: Terry G. reported he had received an email regarding HF 4, regarding a 20% Income Tax Reduction; HF 111, HF 149, Right To Work; and HJR 6, The Defense of Marriage
  6. Candidate Spotlight: none
  7. Old Business:
    1. Standing Committees
  1. Finance/Fundraising Committee: Jeff Madlom, Chair no report
  2. Organization: Shirley Helmrichs, Alan Mead Co-Chairs, no report
  3. Communications and Public Relations: Dan Gilbert, Chair
        1. Dan G will be moving to Quad cities area—need replacement for chair
        2. Around April 1, the first map should be out with new congressional district. The impact is that 5 representatives will go to 4 due to a population shift. Could be June before map is finalized and we will know who is affected.
  1. Candidates and Campaign Assistance: Bruce Neiman, Chair
    1. Ad Hoc Committees
      1. Informational Technologies: Rick Seeley, Chair
        1. No report
      2. Scholarship Committee: Gary Reeder, Chair
        1. Gary reportedly believes he may have a conflict this year since he has a daughter who is a senior this year.
        2. No report
      3. Governor’s Forum Committee: Dissolve committee since it is not needed
      4. Parades and County Fair: Marsha Mescher, Chair
    2. Movie in the Park: Dan Gilbert
      1. Dan is moving away from the area
      2. Needs to be rescheduled in 2011 due to flood of 2010
      3. Discussion—a goodwill thing, no literature distributed, candidates invited, in Tirrill Park. Terry G to talk to Dan G and get details from movie provider. Need to use dollars by July 25. Approximately $100 involved.
  1. New Business—
    1. Elections of Central Committee officers for 2010-2012 term
      1. Nomination for chair: Cliff B nominated Jeff M. Passed Unanimously.
      2. Nomination for Co-chair: Jeff M nominated Cliff B. Passed unanimously.
      3. Secretary, Michele was installed at the January meeting.
      4. Nomination for Treasurer: Cliff B nominated Deb P. Passed unanimously

B. Discuss future meeting place for Central Committee meetings
  1. Will continue at Days Inn
  2. Jeff M will get a bouquet of flowers and send as a thank you to front desk at Days Inn, not to exceed $50.00

C. New standing committee assignments: Discussion and volunteering for new assignments
  1. Finance/Fundraising: Don Piegon, Chair. Dave Christensen, Doug Robbins, Carla Becker, Brad Kimmerle, Marcia Intorf and Jeff Madlam as ex officio
  2. Organization: Shirley Helmrichs, Alan Mead, Co-Chairs. Cliff as ex officio
  3. Communications and Public Relations: Marcel Kielkucki, Chair. Michele DeBlieck
  4. Candidates and Campaign Assistance: Bruce Nieman, Chair. Doran Zumbach and Cliff Bunting as ex officio.

D. New Ad Hoc Committees:
  1. Information Technologies: Checking with Rick Seeley to remain as chair
  2. Scholarship: Kevin Glanz, Chair, Doug Robbins, Phil, Cliff Bunting. (Cliff to contact Gary R to see where we are)
  3. Parades & County Fair: Terry Griffith, Chair, Charles Ankrom
  4. Members absent will be contacted to see if interested to stay on committees and/or serve as a committee member

E. Central Committee Precinct Representatives
  1. Need rep from Bremen North—If anyone knows someone interested, please explore
  2. Could use another rep at Colony
  3. Need a commitment from Delaware South. Checking with Deborah Smith
  4. Checking with Shelly Schroder if she is still interested in being a rep
  5. Needing a rep for Oneida (Earlville)
  6. Need a commitment from South Fork/Union
  1. Next meeting: March 14, 2011
  2. Adjournment: Motion made by Charles A, seconded by Marcel K to adjourn our meeting. Motion passed and the meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m

Submitted by Michele DeBlieck