Delaware County Republican Central Committee Minutes

April 4, 2022

6:30 p.m. Chili Supper        7:00 p.m. Meeting

Old 20 Auctions

Present:  24 individuals present


                A social time with chili supper was shared at 6:30 with our meeting being called to order by Roger H. at 7:00 p.m. followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  A motion by Clarence S. seconded by Bob K. to approve the March meeting minutes was approved as presented.  A motion by Doug R. seconded by Kevin G. to approve the March Financial Report as given was approved as presented. 

Legislative Reports:

                 Bruce N. was in Des Moines on March 23rd and met with Senators Craig Johnson and Dan Zumbach.  Business is going well this session.

                Jeff M. also was in Des Moines in March and visited with Dan Z. and Lee Hein.  He voiced concern over increasing the weight limits on semis year-round and the impact this will have on our county roads and bridges.  Dan Z. is promoting the increase to 90,000 pounds.  He also expressed concern over possible new statewide rules for ATV use.  Delaware County has worked very hard to have safe and effective ATV use policies while seeking input from local ATV clubs. These policies have served our county well.

                Central Committee member Paula R. voiced her concern about large commercial solar projects and the impact that will have on taking farmland out of production as well as property rights of those impacted.

Candidate Spotlights: 

                Grant Gardner shared information on Carlin for Senate and has yard signs and is collecting names for a mailing list for this campaign.   Carlin is running against Sen. Chuck Grassley in the upcoming primary. 

                Bethany Gates from Benton County is a candidate for the State Central Committee and asked for our support.  She has served on the SCC previously and is interested in Iowa doing a better job of returning power to the grass roots electorate.  She has been to the capitol several times to witness legislation and voiced her concerns over the rights of the unborn and women's issues. 

                Jeff M. is working on behalf of the Hinson campaign and noted that Ashley is working tirelessly for her re-election.  He has signs available and would like some help with getting those out in the county.

                Doug R. praised Senator Grassley for his work on the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding the ongoing Hunter Biden investigation and the Supreme Court nominee candidate process. 

                Roger H. reminded us that State Senator Craig Johnson is running for the State House in our new District 2 and he now has an opponent.  The Democrats have at least two people seeking to unseat Chuck Grassley.   

Standing Committees:

                Finance/Funding:   Cher D. is now our chair of Finance/Funding.  She spoke on the outcome of a recent meeting to find alternatives to parade and fair booth giveaways.  The four options presented were:  Lapel flag pins at 19 cents each; 4"x6" American flags (made in USA) for 30 cents each; 2" round badges (we would make); and pocket Constitutions (possibly free from Heritage Foundation).  A suggestion from this meeting was small notepads (plain or sticky).  No decision was made on any of the suggestions, and we could do a variety.  Discussion was also tabled as what if anything to hand out at the seven parades this summer.  Cities are discouraging the throwing of candy.

                Scholarship:  Bob K. noted that 12 seniors applied for our scholarships this year from schools that have students in Delaware County.  The two winners are Blake DeMoss and Olivia Hilby from West Delaware.  They will be honored at the upcoming senior Awards Night in May.

Old Business:

                There was a brief recap of the recently held county convention.  A Century Club letter has been finalized and will be sent soon.  The fair booth and deposit have been paid.

New Business:

                It has been suggested that we individually have the option to order a red polo type shirt to show our support for our local Republican party.  Roger has an estimate of around $27 with embroidered lettering.  After discussion the consensus was to go ahead with purchasing. 

Action item:  Motion was made by Bob K. seconded by Paula R. to purchase seven shirts for our delegates to the District and State Conventions with our Central Committee paying for half the cost.  After discussion the motion failed.    

Action Item:  Motion by Kevin G. seconded by Clarence S. that the delegate’s shirts be paid completely by the Central Committee with anyone else wishing to buy a shirt paying for half that cost and Central Committee pay the other half.  Motion carried.  Anyone wishing to pay the total cost for their shirt is free to do so.  A sheet was passed for members to sign up and for the size they need. 

Action Item:  A motion was made by Cher D. seconded by Roni H. to double the size of our fair booth this year.  After discussion the motion was approved.  Additional money will be sent for the larger area. 

Upcoming Dates:

*District Convention - April 23 at Heartland Acres in Independence commencing at 10:00 a.m.

*State primary is June 7, 2022.

*State Convention is in Des Moines on June 11, 2022.

                Doug R. reported on his participation at the District Platform Committee which was held recently with business concluded in five hours.  Paula R. reported on her participation at the District Credentials Committee meeting.  She will be helping check in delegates at the District Convention in Independence. 

                Judy E. has a new position in the Auditors Office for Delaware County and she explained her new position and responsibilities.  She reminded us that her job in that office is political neutral. 

                Our next meeting will be May 2, 2022 at Old 20 Auctions.  Meeting was adjourned at 8:35.


Respectfully submitted,

Jean Gross, Secretary

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