Delaware County Republican Central Committee Minutes

August 1, 2022

7:00 p.m.—Old 20 Auctions


Present: Cindy and Wayne Birkenholz, Cliff Bunting, Cher Delperdang, Judy Eckman, Bethany Gates, Terry and Teresa Griffith, Roger Helmrichs, Travis Hemesath, David and Mary Marks, Bruce Nieman, Doug Robbins, Paula Robinson, Lynn Sheets, Clarence Slife, and David Weber


Roger called the meeting to order 7:00 p.m. with everyone uniting in the Pledge of Allegiance. A motion was made by Clarence Slife, and seconded by Dave Weber to approve the July minutes as presented. Motion passed.  Motion by Doug Robbins, seconded by Clarence Slife to approve the Financial Report as presented. Motion passed.

Legislative Reports: There were no legislative report updates at this time. Bethany Gates from the state central committee reported that she met with the new state central committee.  After the district convention, Buchanan County was left with a $1400 deficit. The District Executive Committee is asking counties to voluntarily contribute to help pay that deficit. The State Central Committee is offering to pay half of the deficit, and $200 more dollars have already been donated which leaves about $500 for half of the deficit.  Judy Eckman made a motion and Clarence Slife seconded that we table discussion about helping Buchanan County until after we have our own fundraising event so we have a better idea of our own financial status.


Business Meeting:

Parades and Fair Update: Doug is setting a night to take the float apart and give Jeff Madlom back his trailer.  Cher was recognized and thanked for making the fair booth prizes. The booth looked impressive and all went well. Doug commented that he didn’t hear any complaints about us not handing out candy. He thought perhaps it helped draw more attention to the elephants.


Republican State Officials Fund Raiser in Postville on July 22: 4 members of our committee attended.  At least 150-170 total there including Jeff Kaufmann.

Brenna Bird coffee in Manchester- on July 23rd at Old 20 Auctions attended by 15-20 people.


Delaware County Fall Event: Cher reported that information about our October 15th event is now on the website. The event will be held on Saturday, October 15, at Old 20 Auctions.  Doors open at 5 pm; meal and program start at 6 pm.  250 pork loin chops have been ordered from HyVee and will be kept frozen. The Pork Producers have agreed to grill again for us. A motion was made, seconded, and passed to reimburse Paula Robinson approximately $250 when she has to pick up and pay for those chops. Other food is being planned by the committee.  The letter to over 200 possible sponsors will be mailed about the end of August.  We will also run a reminder in the shopper, and advertise on KMCH radio.  Pedro Calderon from the Republican Party of Iowa is helping invite other counties, and effort is being made to inform those running for office this fall, the Governor, Grassley, Hinson, Jeff Kaufmann, and others about the event.  Roger is working on finding speakers.  We all need to do our part to spread the word and invite friends and neighbors to attend. Those who volunteered to ask businesses for money or items to auction should make those contacts.


Other Events:

Friday, Aug. 5- NE Iowa Prime; Burrack Farm Shop, Arlington; 6:00-8:00 PM; Governor Reynolds fundraiser

Saturday, Aug. 6- North Iowa Red Wave Rendezvous-Cresco; 4:00-8:00 PM

Sunday, Aug. 7- Jones County Candidate Rendezvous; Jones County Fairgrounds (ice cream only) 2-4:00 PM

Wednesday, August 10- RPI Lincoln Dinner; Iowa Events Center, Des Moines; 4:30-6:30

Thursday, Aug. 11- Hinson/McCarthy Reception in Dubuque

Sunday, Aug. 14- Dubuque County Picnic; 2:00-7:00 pm

Sunday, Aug. 28- Ashley Hinson Fall BBQ Bash- Linn County Fairgrounds; Doors open at 4:00 PM

Wednesday, Aug. 31- Grassley/Hinson Event- Doug Reimer’s farm in Clayton County

Thursday, September 15- Clayton County Lincoln Dinner at Johnson’s in Elkader


Other Items of Discussion:

Roger said the state GOP data center is pulling information from all county auditor’s offices across the state.  Only Roger has access to it.  

Kollin Crompton’s weekly Republican email newsletter to county chairs and co-chairs has great information.  He recently gave lots of facts about Iowa being a great state to live in.  He also reported facts about the Biden administration’s dealings, many of which are very concerning.

There is an app to use for door knocking.  Travis Hemesath is interested in it but he must get it from someone’s campaign.


Election information: Judy Eckman shared that only 11 people showed up to vote in the Lake Delhi special election last month.  We all need to be aware that apathy is dangerous to our Republican cause.  In our district more people are registered as having no party affiliation than those registered as Republicans or Democrats.  In Delaware County there are close to twice as many registered Republicans as there are registered Democrats.  However, there are almost as many registered as having no party as there are registered Republicans. If those “no party” voters favor Democrat candidate/issues, or if Republicans just don’t show up at the polls, we could easily lose.  It is clear that we must work to get registered Republicans out to vote, talk to our friends and neighbors about voting Republican, and don’t assume that the vote will go our way.  


Campaign Signs: We can start handing them out right away.


Next meeting will be Monday, September 12th, same time and place. Meeting adjourned at 7:50pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Teresa Griffith (Jean Gross is on vacation)

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