Delaware County Republican Central Committee Minutes

July 6, 2022

7:00 p.m.—Old 20 Auctions


Present: Roger Helmrichs, Terry Griffith, Judy Eckman, Cher Delperdang, Dan Zumbach, Kevin Glanz, Clarence Slife, Katherine Kaye (Ashley Hinson campaign), Lynn Sheets, Robert Kugel, Bruce Nieman, Doug Robbins, Teresa Griffith, Roni Hilby.


Roger called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m. with everyone uniting in the Pledge of Allegiance. Motion by Clarence Slife, seconded by Bob Kugel to approve the June minutes as presented. Motion passed.  Motion by Doug Robbins, seconded by Kevin Glanz to approve the Financial Report as presented. Motion passed..


Legislative Reports: Dan Zumbach, state senator, reported about what the state senate has been doing for agriculture, transportation, and natural resources. He highlighted at least 5 legislative accomplishments in each of those areas.  He assured us that our representatives are working hard on our behalf.  He urged us to let him know legislation we think is important to introduce, or our concerns about anything happening on the state level. He brought a flier showing how much Iowa supports education financially.  Over $15,000 is being spent on every student in Iowa every year.  The group discussed the bill supported by Governor Reynolds that would have allowed state money to follow students to the school of their choice.  It did not pass at this time.  Roger expressed that it’s the homes, not the schools, that is the problem. 

Katherine Kaye (Hinson campaign) reported that Ashley was in 12 different locations over the 4th of July weekend alone.  She is working very hard to promote conservative values, and help people see that Liz Mathis is not a moderate.  There will be a debate between Ashely and Liz.  Sunday, August 28, is the Hinson Fall BBQ Bash at the Linn County Fairgrounds in Central City.


Finance & Funding: Cher led discussion of details about our fall fundraiser on October 15th.  A copy of the letter that will be mailed to all known Republican supporters was given to everyone present. Copies will also be available at the fair booth.  All were encouraged to start talking about this fundraiser and inviting people.  A list of businesses was discussed and the following volunteered to contact them and ask for either monetary donations or items for our auctions:

Cole Beckman- Judy                                               

Corcoran Furniture- Roni

Cork N’ Bottle- Roger

Delaware County Abstract Office- Bob

Eastern Iowa Pumping- Judy

Edward Jones  (Angie Rave)- Terry

Franklin Street Brewery- Clarence 

Gateway Appliance- Roger

Dr. Timothy Gerst- Bob

Kevin Glanz Honeycreek Seed- Kevin present!

Pam Klein, John LeClere, Carla Becker, Daneen Schindler- Jeff Madlom contact

Dr. Randy Messerly- Doug

Susie Meyer, Exit Realty- Roger

Palmer Hardware- Clarence 

Phil Neuhaus Construction- Roger

Pizza Ranch- Jean Gross

Riverbend Pub and Grill- Clarence

The Posy Place- Cher

Verle’s Hunting c/o Bob Hankins- Clarence

Lynch Roofing- Roger

Donna Scanlan (Mary Kay)- Jean

Color Street Nails (Jamie Jolley)- Teresa

Mark Odden- Terry 

Rick Seeley- Terry

Widner Drug- Doug

Manchester Signs- Roger

Northwestern Mutual- Roni

Pieco (Jessie Lewin)- Roni


State Primary Review: All went well.  The number of Democrats who voted was very low. We were encouraged to keep urging people to vote this fall.


Rhubacue on the River Update: There wasn’t a lot of activity at our booth but there were some good conversations and some voter registration cards were given out.  It was a positive experience overall.

Fair Booth: Set up the booth this Sunday, July 10th, at 2:00 p.m.  Roger, Terry, Kevin, Judy, and Doug said they would help. Doug reported that he still needs some help manning the booth next weekHe especially needs help on Thursday, July 14, from 12:00-3:00 pm. Contact Doug.

Cher showed the 5 prizes she made for the daily drawing winners. We decided only those that are of voting age can be in the drawing for prizes. 


Other Business:  Cher asked if everyone is okay with their first and last names being posted online as attending these Republican meetings.  Republicans are being targeted in some places.  But we decided that we would stand strong and print first and last names.


Election information: Judy noted the special Lake district election coming up on July 19th to elect two trustees.

Special Election for Maquoketa Valley and Edgewood/Colesburg will be on September 13th.

The General Election will be November 8th.


Campaign Signs: Doug brought several yard signs for various candidates that were distributed.


Next meeting will be Monday, August 1st, same time and place. Meeting adjourned at 8:55pm.


Respectfully submitted, Teresa Griffith (Jean Gross is on vacation)

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