Delaware County Republican Central Committee Minutes

March 7, 2022

7:00 p.m.   Days Inn

Present:  Roger Helmrichs, Jean Gross, Terry Griffith, Judy Eckman, Clarence Slife, Cher Delperdang, Teresa Griffith, Robert Kugel, Doug Robbins, Travis Hemesath, Wayne Birkenholz, Cindy Birkenholz, Lynn Sheets, David Marks, Pete Buschmann, Bruce Nieman, Roni Hilby, Kevin Glanz, Grant Gardner (Carlin for Senate campaign.)

                        Roger Helmrichs called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  We welcomed Roni Hilby as a new member to our Central Committee.  Motion by Doug Robbins, seconded by Kevin Glanz to approve the minutes of the January meeting as presented.  Carried.  There was no February Central Committee meeting due to the Caucus on February 7.

 Treasurer’s report: given by Judy Eckman, Motion by Clarence Slife, seconded by Wayne Birkenholz to approve the Treasurer's Report as given.  Carried.

Legislative Report: Bruce Nieman reported there was a Farm Bureau Economic Development coffee held recently with Dan Zumbach and Lee Hein in attendance.  There were about 25 people present including two school superintendents.   Discussions included the new tax law changes, protection of girls’ sports, biofuels and education legislation among others.

Candidate Spotlight: Papers were passed for Halbur for State Auditor, and it will also be available for signatures at the upcoming County Convention. Grant Gardner spoke again on behalf of Jim Carlin who is running against Chuck Grassley in the upcoming primaries. 

            Motion by Doug Robbins, seconded by Bob Kugel to appoint Cher Delperdang as our new Finance/Funding Chair.  Carried.  Robert Kugel is looking for help in making scholarship decisions when the time comes.  Teresa Griffith and David Marks volunteered to help.

            Roger spoke briefly about the recent County Caucus.  There was a very small crowd.  Our County Convention will be this Saturday, March 12, 2022 at the Courthouse Courtroom starting at 9:00 a.m.  Coffee and Cookies will be served before the meeting.  District and Sate Convention delegates will be determined at that time.  Delaware County is allotted seven delegates.  There was a motion by Doug Robbins, seconded by David Marks to collect the $75 delegate fee from each delegate that day that will be returned after the delegate faithfully fulfills their duties at the conventions.   Carried.  Mailings have gone out to all County Convention Delegates, Alternates and Junior Delegates which included The Call to Convention, Delaware County Republican Convention Agenda and Proposed Delaware County Convention Rules.  We are searching for a parliamentarian for that day. 

            We have a few vacancies of central committee members from some of our townships.  A motion was made by Kevin Glanz, seconded by David Marks to accept Travis Hemesath from Honey Creek/Elk Townships as a central committee member.  Carried.  Motion by Doug Robbins, seconded by Robert Kugel to accept David Marks as a central committee member from Richland/Coffins Grove Townships. Carried. 

            Cher Delperdang invited us to attend a meeting featuring KrisAnne Hall who is a Constitutional Attorney and will be at the Arlington Community Center on March 14 at 6:00 p.m. 

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