Delaware County Republican Central Committee Minutes

May 2, 2022
7:00 p.m.
Old 20 Auctions

Present: Roger Helmrichs, Jeff Madlom, Bruce Nieman, Lynn Sheets, Clarence Slife,
Wayne Birkenholz, David Weber, Chelle Adkins (State Central Committee), Judy
Eckman, Shannon Payne, Robert Kugel, Katherine Kaye, Roni Hilby, Susie Bushaw,
Bernie Hayes (State Central Committee), Grant Gardner (Carlin Campaign), Cher
Delperdang, Travis Hemesath, Doug Robbins, Pete Buschmann, Jean Gross.
Roger called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Motion by
Clarence seconded by Doug to approve the April minutes as written. Carried. Motion by
Bob seconded by Clarence to approve the Financial Report as presented.
Scholarship: Bob reported that West Delaware's Awards Night is Wednesday, May 4, at
which time he will be presenting the two scholarship awards to this year's winners.
District Convention: Roger and other delegates gave comments on the District
Convention held on April 23 at Independence. The following people were elected to the
State District Central Committee from District 2: Bernie Hayes, Bethany Gates, BJ
Hoffman, and Chelle Adkins. Chelle Adkins who was present told us this is her fifth
term on the State Central Committee which is responsible for making the day to day
decisions for the Republican party in Iowa. She stays in contact with the grassroots and
helps to get Republicans elected. She welcomes District Convention input from those
that were delegates. Doug suggested the speaking time for candidates be shortened.
Roger felt some of the Platform discussion during the convention needs improvement.
The Independence facility worked well but would not accommodate the District
Convention during a presidential election year. Bernie Hayes who was also present has
served on the State Central Committee in the past. He is also running for the State
District 39 Senate seat this year. He spoke briefly about the Lin-Mar school board
controversy and what transpired at their recent meeting. He is encouraging people to
show up in numbers at the primaries in June.
Candidate Spotlights: Grant Gardner spoke on behalf of the Carlin Senatorial
campaign. He also highlighted Brenna Bird as a candidate for Iowa Attorney General
and Todd Halbur for Iowa State Auditor. Both candidates are on the June primary ballot.
Kathryn Kaye was present on behalf of the Ashley Hinson campaign. Roger noted that
yard signs are in our storage shed for any who would like them.
State Primary, June 11:Teresa shared reminders about primary voting: 1) You
have to be a registered Republican or Democrat to vote in the primary. On site
registration is available the day of the primary. 2) There is a shortened time period for
Absentee Ballots. They will be mailed May 18. 3) Precinct election officials are on a list
for two years. More help is needed for the November elections. This is a paid position of
$12/hour. Contact the Auditors Office if interested. Delegates to the State Convention
will car pool to the event. Two people have offered to drive. The possibility of
chartering a bus with Dubuque County was prohibitive due to lack of interest.
Rubacue on the River: June 11 is also the date for the local Rhubarb Fest at the White
Water Park in downtown Manchester from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Motion was made by Jeff

seconded by Wayne to have a Republican table present with information about the local
Republican Party Platform available and possible voter registration plus pocket
Constitutions to give away. Cost is $30 for the event. Motion carried.
Republican State Officials Fund Raiser: Clayton County would like to host a fund
raiser Friday night July 22 for: Paul Pate (Sec. of State), Mike Naig (Sec. of
Agriculture), Todd Halbur or Mary Ann Hanusa (State Auditor candidates), Roby Smith
(State Treasurer), Brenna Bird (State Attorney General). Counties invited to the fund
raiser are Clayton, Delaware, Fayette and Winneshiek. Food and drink will be available
at a modest cost. Funds generated will be divided equally among the candidates.
Location of this fund raiser is not yet determined.
Parades: Doug reported there are six possible parades for this summer. Motion was
made by Jean, seconded by Pete not to have candy or handouts at the parades. Motion
carried. There will be handouts available at the Delaware County Fair booth as well as
daily prizes and a grand prize. David will donate a prize as well as others. We will
check on the possibility of having voter registration available at the fair booth. The
Delaware County Fair is July 11-17.
Motion by Doug to have our Platform printed in the Manchester Press at a
maximum cost of $203.36. Motion died for lack of a second.
Motion by Clarence, seconded by Bob to adjourn the meeting at 8:15 p.m. The
next regularly scheduled meeting will be June 6 at 7:00 p.m. at Old 20 Auctions.
Respectfully submitted,
Jean Gross, Secretary

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